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Welcome to Endrow’s Dark Tower. A game that was inspired by the classic, early 80s board game; The Dark Tower. Endrow’s Dark Tower was designed to recreate that experience as much as possible.

The evil wizard Endrow has obtained the Gem of Immortality and has taken up residence in an ancient dark tower that sits in your peaceful lands. He bides his time there probing the secrets of the Gem. He is trying to find out all of its secrets.

Since he has been there a cold evil has crept across the lands. Brigands rob freely, Orcs roam without fear, Trolls, stupid and dull, now are more cunning than ever and creep across darkened vales for prey to feed their growing hunger.

Your village elders have decided to send you out to raise an army capable of ridding Endrow from that tower and restoring peace across the land. Unfortunately you start with nothing.

Every tile is a potential to gain gold, food and soldiers. Encounters are everywhere and you must always be on your toes.

Endrow’s Tower plays like a board game and you can have up to four players playing. It is not an online game but rather a “hot seat” game where you take turns controlling the keyboard and the mouse. Many games were played like this in the 80s and early 90s before the Internet. The best way to play board games.

Some helpful keyboard commands:

  • WASD and the arrow keys will move your character around.
  • The ENTER key can be used in most cases where you see an OK button.
  • Use the E key in place of the ACTION button.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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